A day lakeside

Yesterday was the first day since I arrived upstate that it broke sunny instead of clouds attended by rain. It was welcome timing, as we'd long planned a day on Canandaigua Lake where my middle brother and his family have a new lake house. It was breezy and sunny with a brilliant sky and the… Continue reading A day lakeside

The mystery of the shallow bowls

Sunday afternoon was rainy, so our usual outdoor flea market was out of the question. We drove instead, a few miles farther to an indoor one, new on our radar. On the whole, it was a bust. Few, if any, actual antiques, or even vintage items— unless you count things like toys and VHS tapes from the 1990s… Continue reading The mystery of the shallow bowls

Mendon Ponds Park

Feeding the friendly chickadees. They are fearless and hungry for sunflower seeds! Great day for sledding! (Also very familiar to that ink drawing I did a few days prior...) photos taken on December 27, 2010