Sketches from last weekend, &c.

A couple of offerings from the Moleskine that turned out decently from last weekend. Also, a photo of my European-trip-inspired shadow box sporting a Parisian pigeon feather, a lens from a vintage vision-test optics machine, and a bit of dried flora plucked from Flevopark in Amsterdam on the day we cycled to the Distilleerderij ‘t Nieuwe Diep, sadly closed for the season.


[Some notes on the shadow box process after the jump]

Process: This cigar box top (unfinished wood) had a map glued in with YES! Paste, viscous, archival book-making glue (applied with a palette knife or putty knife, thin, thin, thin), but poorly in that particular case, so the map buckled, and was pulled out for a re-do. Months later, I paint it with a combination of acrylic and casein (my go-to apart from oil), and it managed this fantastic ancient-looking crackle effect; much better than ‘crackle varnish’ mediums sold in art supply stores to create a lesser version of same effect. Looks legit. (Is legit, after a fashion.) So take note of that, if it’s up your alley.

Else: Tiny screw-eyes into the walls of the box; fine-gauge wire strung across, wrapped, then further tighten screw-eyes to straighten the inevitable sag. White thread through and around the feather (with a needle); wrapped around the two little branches of dried flowers; thread ends left long enough to tie around wire. Same with lens. (But all that is fairly visible.)


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