001Recent days have arrived with excellent weather—sunshine. Birds tracing lazy smiles across the sky. Z and I have been taking advantage of it to wander. While at home the windows have been open wide. We laugh ’til our faces hurt, cackling chickens. In between we talk about real things. Life.

Industrial streetscapes of Sunset ParkIndustrial streetscapes of Sunset Park

Industry City
Industry City

He compliments me on random things like the situation of the ice trays in my freezer. Asks before turning on the overhead (the ‘task light’), so as not to jar with its sudden intrusiveness, and combs through my bookshelves like he’s new here. He’s washing up the dinner dishes while doing birdlike vocal exercises. A peach, he is, and a proper weirdo.

* * *fishesPeriodically one of the fighting fishes responds to an unseen force— a sudden spasm, St Vitus Dance with elaborate fins. The blue one looks like he’s made of prom dress and the red one looks like a magnified splash of blood in the water. Point and counterpoint.

* * *doll
I obtained a new piece Sunday; the broken body of a bisque or porcelain doll. Not a Frozen Charlotte, but of the same period. She’s beautiful and sad and a touch creepy (as are all dolls), sharing space now with a dental cast of Z’s teeth that he gave me upon arriving. Now I can see his smile every day, haha.

* * *004
Saturday night I left the house without my phone and was okay with it, fuck it. I did some observational sketches while we were out. Maybe I’ll leave the pocket computer more frequently for the sake of my sketchbook.



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