deliberate transit

A temperate autumn in New York. A fine season of walking for hours, walking and solving. Despite some t-shirt days, summer is long ago and a blanket of full dark arrives by half five or sooner. So: walking is more inward, seeing nothing unnecessary to navigation.

I need to clear my cache.

I’ve been unravelling some tangled threads, long neglected or willfully ignored. It’s unsettling and a relief at once. A dawning awareness of having somehow allowed (slow boil) what was a mechanism to become a sort of resting-state in my mind. One I don’t wish to define me, nor dictate my actions / reactions. While it’s a facet of who I am, it’s only that: one facet. But a long-ago protective response allowed it to take up a full-time position in me. Now, recognized and acknowledged, it’ll be put on a shelf. It needs to collect some dust, or maybe disappear altogether.

*    *    *

Since writing this it’s come to my attention that November 11 means a new moon in Scorpio; very apropos if you’re into that sort of thing.

This month’s New Moon in Scorpio and the lunar cycle it kicks off offer us the chance to reclaim our power by killing off something in our life or in ourselves that’s no longer a true reflection of who we are.

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