Brooklyn is always great for wandering

You know it’s December when WordPress is snowing 🙂 Yesterday I walked just over 4 miles (6.5 km) while running errands— a much shorter walk than Sunday (above), but enjoyable. I downloaded the app Runkeeper to my phone, so from now on I can track mileage, etc. Brilliant little app, simple to use. Judging from… Continue reading Brooklyn is always great for wandering

Happy December, almost–

Yay the digital snow is back! I love it, so cheerful and soothing. I've been ill and, sadly, missed the Great Margolis Migration Manifestation up in Barryville over the weekend. Yes, ill with what Kim and I have dubbed the Brooklyn Plague, as it seems to've been making some rounds. Here's how mine has gone,… Continue reading Happy December, almost–