Cartographics color the way we see the world when we get there.

A bit of in-progress work for a travel project— a bit of an arts and culture map via watercolor. I find it sweet and endearing. But then I would; I've been working on it for two weeks, and have become rather attached. Can't explain it in full, as it's for a small audience, but I… Continue reading Cartographics color the way we see the world when we get there.

Things bound with waxed sail thread and resin

My subconscious has been working on a thesis for me lately; broadcasting things which on the surface (flattened and simplified by my waking mind) appear disparate, but on closer inspection are stitched together by a continuous thread. Its thesis is about crafting sensible (or at least legible, recognizable) solutions, guides, codes to amorphous and unformed problems.… Continue reading Things bound with waxed sail thread and resin

Brooklyn is always great for wandering

You know it’s December when WordPress is snowing 🙂 Yesterday I walked just over 4 miles (6.5 km) while running errands— a much shorter walk than Sunday (above), but enjoyable. I downloaded the app Runkeeper to my phone, so from now on I can track mileage, etc. Brilliant little app, simple to use. Judging from… Continue reading Brooklyn is always great for wandering

Cycling weather

I outlined our biking routes amongst three neighborhoods (click to enlarge) The September weather has been beautiful for biking and walking; sunny and crisp, humidity pretty well gone now. Zac and I did some cycling on Tuesday in the gorgeous sunshine and into the night; from South Park Slope to Ditmas Park (aqua route to Sycamore),… Continue reading Cycling weather

National Novel Writing Month has begun!

A map for a thing, utterly unrelated but pretty; based on a lovely from 'Surveying the Shore'. More on that project later... Yes, folks, I'm doing it again. NaNoWriMo has officially begun, and even (at this late, late hour) embarked upon its second *official* day. My word count stands, currently, at 1,899-- a whopping 232… Continue reading National Novel Writing Month has begun!