This is how the data is interpreted

This feels senseless, irreparable. I know it's not. It's a direct hit, though. A different kind of heartbreak; More subtle, maybe— unexpected. More reckless, it feels. Unavoidable, now: you've crossed the Rubicon. The kaleidoscope has lost some of its color. How do I relearn living (again)? Who will help me make sense of things? Who’ll… Continue reading This is how the data is interpreted

Sad days ahead

The one who’s been the most present for over four years has gone. Left in a car packed with all he owns on a bright cold Sunday, December. Left a scar. We walked around the neighborhood late last night lamenting the change. Still almost not understanding or accepting— but a dawning sense. Still to come—… Continue reading Sad days ahead

A soon farewell

It hit me last night— Zac’s last day in Brooklyn is in eight days. It’s cast a sudden melancholy pall on the holiday weekend, a Sunday sadness, and I’ve found myself thinking about how different my life will be when he's gone. We've been practically inseparable for over four years; a significant friendship, and solid. In… Continue reading A soon farewell