A soon farewell

It hit me last night— Zac’s last day in Brooklyn is in eight days. It’s cast a sudden melancholy pall on the holiday weekend, a Sunday sadness, and I’ve found myself thinking about how different my life will be when he’s gone. We’ve been practically inseparable for over four years; a significant friendship, and solid.

In my usual way, I’m focusing on how to approach this (big) change positively. A lot of my time will necessarily take on new shape. I need to be deliberate about it. A lot of things will benefit from me being more deliberate. (It’s long been in process, but there’s room for improvement.)

I’ve lived these kinds of changes many times, to varying degrees— something outside your control has a significant impact on your life. You can react or you can act. Always it’s better to be proactive. Just reacting puts you in a deficit one way or another.

December will be a tumult. A week to farewell Zac. Deadlines, traveling to work on a project in Santa Fe, traveling for Christmas, and then the New Year. It’s hard to stay focused when being pulled in many directions, but I’ve found being legit busy is helpful during adaptation moments.

And writing, walking. Stay in motion. There’s the Scorpio in me— a moving target is so much harder to hit.

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