The conversations among windows that happen in the fading light

I had a little meander through the fourth and third avenue corridors of lower Gowanus last evening as the light struck things at angles. I added some strategic color to these images; some storytelling. Shooting in color with a phone at that hour is dodgy at best, yet shot in black and white they lose a… Continue reading The conversations among windows that happen in the fading light

From a stroll on an overcast day in early spring

Here are some images from a few months ago that I came across recently. Serene, the bright kind of overcast with a fine mist or drizzle. It’s a lovely thing to wander through neighborhoods I’ve wandered so many times before and see something in a way I never noticed before; or, literally, in new light.… Continue reading From a stroll on an overcast day in early spring

A wander through Gowanus

Some geometric compositions from a quiet wander last Saturday, late afternoon as the light drained from the sky. This building has such gorgeous moulding. The Ninth Street subway overpass is weirdly beautiful, too.

sneaky peek two

Sneaky peek update. Colors are happening; atmosphere. It's fun. I love it when work is enjoyable, satisfying; when I feel like I'm doing good work. Edited to Add: sneaky peek at (a slice of) the final. Complete with cheerful bistro lights and voyeur-tempting glows from apartment windows. Full artwork to be released in May on electrofork.

illustration in progress

Here is a sneaky peek at an illustration I'm working on for a client. It's depicting a street in Gowanus, although modified.  There is likely a bit more drawing to do, but I like the skeletal look of it in outlines. The final product will be colorized and have some shading, transparencies— a nighttime scene,… Continue reading illustration in progress