The conversations among windows that happen in the fading light

I had a little meander through the fourth and third avenue corridors of lower Gowanus last evening as the light struck things at angles. I added some strategic color to these images; some storytelling. Shooting in color with a phone at that hour is dodgy at best, yet shot in black and white they lose a… Continue reading The conversations among windows that happen in the fading light

A wander through Gowanus

Some geometric compositions from a quiet wander last Saturday, late afternoon as the light drained from the sky. This building has such gorgeous moulding. The Ninth Street subway overpass is weirdly beautiful, too.

A little reminder at the end of Summer

...that New York was Nieuw Amsterdam. Alright, it may be a bit of a stretch, but it was the Dutch who sent Mr Hudson in search of a new passage to Asia, but what he jolly well found would become the capital city of New Netherland.

a dark storm sky against the light in the west Fifth Avenue North, Park SLope, Brooklyn. Taken Sunday, August 4.

peace. expansion. clarity.

The wind howls out there today beneath the great blue dome lit by a winter sun. The sun's visitations in full have been scarce these January days in Brooklyn, so it is welcome with or without the wind. In the window my tallest plant, aspiring to treedom, extends itself reaching for light, and succeeds.

at the edge of dusk

It's dark in the apartment right now. Had to turn on lights. It feels like doom, this hour of a winter day, when outside the sky appears bright but none of its quality seems able to leak through the panes, rendering rooms full of too many shadows. It feels too early for all this incandescent,… Continue reading at the edge of dusk

strange day

brilliant thunderstorm light Today feels so like a sunday. This evening during sunset the light went strange and otherworldly, and we knew the sky was about to open. And so it has. Cold and wet again, and now it is dark. Such brilliant light for a few minutes though! Well, back to Minerva, my next… Continue reading strange day