Buildings, again

Above are two versions of the full image from the sneak peek of the waterfront. buildings, this time without photographic sky. I'd like to work more intricately with the window panes of them— maybe create some animations. Imagine the panes being even more kaleidoscopic, color-wise, and all shimmering and shifting— a transition from day to night, showing… Continue reading Buildings, again

A brownstone in winter

A mild winter scene to wish you peace and joy this holiday season. Thank you for reading and following Electrofork!

Kentucky Derby Party poster

This one's a design thing more than an art thing, but it's kinda' fun. This was inspired by a vintage postcard that Ray had, particularly the 3D typography. Vector-based illustration and design, to be printed on 17"x11" paper to advertise the party that needs no advertising at Commonwealth. Honest-to-Goodness Mint Juleps! Some older posters after… Continue reading Kentucky Derby Party poster

A fine spring day and an illustration

Here is a sliver (sans graphics) of another illustration I've been working on this week for a client's event. Viking woman meets Metropolis is essentially the visual theme— although it's more specific, as will be apparent in the final, to be released on electrofork in May. Until then, just a taste. It was a nice… Continue reading A fine spring day and an illustration

sneaky peek two

Sneaky peek update. Colors are happening; atmosphere. It's fun. I love it when work is enjoyable, satisfying; when I feel like I'm doing good work. Edited to Add: sneaky peek at (a slice of) the final. Complete with cheerful bistro lights and voyeur-tempting glows from apartment windows. Full artwork to be released in May on electrofork.

Holiday Greetings

A still from a Flash animation I did a number of years ago. I dusted off the artwork and re-created a new animation in After Effects so it could be posted as a video (viewable on most devices, unlike Flash). Go watch it now— and Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!