New year

The image above is an odd little thing I wrote when I was 23; I was photographing sketchbooks and other do-dads while I was at the Farm. There will be more to come, art archive series. .  .  . It's sunny today, a nice gift. At midnight a new year begins, everything cyclical.  


First post of the new year; a kind of note to self. Christmastime upstate was delightful. Time with the family and relatives; made cookies with mom; shopping with Dad on Xmas eve; ice skating; saw The Hobbit with siblings, nieces, nephews in the best movie theater EVER (reclining full-sized leather seats, no shit). New Year’s… Continue reading twentyfourteen

Holiday Greetings

A still from a Flash animation I did a number of years ago. I dusted off the artwork and re-created a new animation in After Effects so it could be posted as a video (viewable on most devices, unlike Flash). Go watch it now— and Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Starting the year by drawing again

I haven't put anything here on the blog in an age. Now it's a new year, and I plan to get back into my non-work creative pursuits. I have been blaming work and being busy in general for my lack of non-work creative endeavors, but I have recently come to realize there was more to… Continue reading Starting the year by drawing again

tracing the arabesques

Amid the waning of the old year I had moments anxious for it to be over– or I think eager is a better word. But then on January second, in the wake of Jon and J. driving back upstate, there was the inevitable feeling of sadness or loss that the carefree time-between-the-years was over. The… Continue reading tracing the arabesques

The New Year

I am suddenly so sad today. It's that vague but crushing sadness of the New Year;  a Sunday sadness that knows your real name and pulls without words, but remorselessly, and with a precision that feels like Love. It feels like having to say goodbye (to what?) when you're not ready to say goodbye. A… Continue reading The New Year