Starting the year by drawing again


I haven’t put anything here on the blog in an age. Now it’s a new year, and I plan to get back into my non-work creative pursuits. I have been blaming work and being busy in general for my lack of non-work creative endeavors, but I have recently come to realize there was more to it than this; something I wasn’t really aware of, at least not consciously. It’s the fact that my close-to vision has been dwindling for about two years— and dealing with that has been more of a transition than I expected.

Last autumn I finally went to have a proper vision exam, had the ol’ oculars dilated, etc, and procured two pairs of spectacles. It has been an odd thing to get used to, and even now, though I definitely need them to read at night, I find them disconcerting— or, rather, I find the transition between wearing them and not wearing them disconcerting. That and the fact it’s a Sisyphean task trying to keep them CLEAN. Anyway, all seems fine, but it’s been only the past few months that I have come to the realization that I need them to draw as well! I tend to get very close to my work when making art (it was never a problem! 20/20 for so many years!), and now I have this wall of plexiglas between me and my art. So I just need to buck up, be thankful for corrective lenses, and get accustomed to it. Happily, I’ve done some drawings in the past few days; here are a few from the sketchbook.




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