First post of the new year; a kind of note to self.

Christmastime upstate was delightful. Time with the family and relatives; made cookies with mom; shopping with Dad on Xmas eve; ice skating; saw The Hobbit with siblings, nieces, nephews in the best movie theater EVER (reclining full-sized leather seats, no shit). New Year’s Eve was a scattered event, but lovely— amounted to a chilly, cheerful wandering from one place to the next with Zac, visiting lots of friends in several ‘hoods and culminated in dancing at the final party.

January so far is pretty ace, on the whole. Busy working a deadline, with a few other small jobs to follow immediately on its heels, as well as completing the re-vamp of my design folio site. While waiting on HD video renders: reading, watching, and resting (aka the immutable urge to hibernate commingled with fighting off the annual deadline-induced winter cold with ridiculous amounts of juice and zinc).

A deep freeze this past week— storm with the absurd title Polar Vortex (really?). Between that and the deadline my semi-daily treks around the neighborhood have been few, sadly, but temperatures should return to civilized winter norms soon. So far it’s been the busiest post-holiday stretch in years. Often, January and February somehow manage to slip past without much notice on my part (it can be a slow time of year, freelance-wise), but not so this year.

While I never make resolutions, I am a firm believer in lists and, honestly, the combined lists of (a) things I have to do and (b) things I’d like to do seem overwhelming at times. They key is FOCUS. One thing at a time. Many things take less time than one imagines, and attacking them individually is less daunting than thinking of them all as some imminent, nebulous swarm. I find it helps to eliminate the word should from one’s lexicon / thoughts as well. Such a horrid word —comprising pressure, stress, guilt— a panic-inducing word, a breathing-down-your-neck word. A smörgåsbord of negativity— banish all such words!

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