Stained glass abandoned in favor of a vintage flavor

I decided against the stained glass approach in the end. I Chose instead, to focus on repeated patterns— a race horse silhouette, with the silks in the spotlight, and a larger repeating pattern behind them. After much experimentation with various backdrops and shifts in color for the silhouettes, I landed on a maximum vintage palette and… Continue reading Stained glass abandoned in favor of a vintage flavor

Kentucky Derby Party poster

This one's a design thing more than an art thing, but it's kinda' fun. This was inspired by a vintage postcard that Ray had, particularly the 3D typography. Vector-based illustration and design, to be printed on 17"x11" paper to advertise the party that needs no advertising at Commonwealth. Honest-to-Goodness Mint Juleps! Some older posters after… Continue reading Kentucky Derby Party poster