Ben and I arrived yesterday to a sunny, warm day and did much walking and wandering (after a nap at Wouter & Brandon’s house, as we were neither of us able ot sleep a wink on the plane.  I wanted to put some photos up from our first day, and just went to retrieve the USB to mini-USB that I brought, only to realize that the mini end of it does not fit this camera! (It’s one of those cables that comes with everything from cameras to cell phones, etc, but I never realized one could be proprietary at only one end.) Well, I tried. I shall have to wait and borrow one.

Today is of the overcast variety, and we shall be taking the bikes out (post seat-adjustment). It’s amazes me anew each time–  to witness people of every age and stripe using bicycles as transport; last evening we saw an older, grey-haired woman in sequins coming from the opera house, riding just ahead of a throng of teenagers, whooping it up.  Just everyone here rides. There’s something cheerful about a country full of folks on bicycles.

Right now it’s 6:45 am our time (EST), but 12:45 here, Sunday afternoon.

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