moomins hibernate.

This week started off wretchedly- nothing was working out, timing was all off. Puzzle pieces mismatched.

It has gotten better and better, and things have been falling into place, but today a stumbling block! Nothing so important, just irritating, and my fault. We were expecting a furniture delivery (new living room furniture- we got rid of the futon couch last night); the place told us between eleven and two o’clock, but they would call an hour ahead of time. Well, I hadn’t got the call (so I thought) and jumped in the shower. Of course, this was exactly when they arrived and they only waited fifteen minutes and my phone was in the other room, so I missed them! Oh, if only they’d have hit the buzzer! Turns out my phone volume was way down, too, which was why I missed the first call. So, probably have to wait until Tuesday to have a place to sit our asses down in the living room, unless by some stroke of luck the delivery folks have time to come back later today.

On top of this, we have been without heat since it’s gotten cold, and our landlord is out of town, so it’s goddamn freezing in the whole apartment.

Not a very great post, after so much time going by with none, but the need to rant is always such a motivator, huh? Ha ha! Otherwise, all is well. November is just around the corner, during which I shall embark on the adventure of >NoNoWriMo, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month, to which I look forward. I’ve been researching and fleshing out characters for a story I began five years ago, but never got past chapter one, which has since been dropped in favor of a better beginning. The new beginning, along with the rest of the story, has only been put into outline form, as the whole point of NaNo is to begin and complete 50,000 words in a thirty day time period.

Well, back to work and trying not to freeze. (It’s amazing how cold 55-60 degrees can feel when you’re indoors!)

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