(Man, it’s cold in here after the heat’s been turned down all day!)

Well, It’s done. It’s been done for several days, in fact. The “National Novel Writing Month” 50,000 word challenge! I made it, and with about 700 or so words to spare. It’s by no means “finished” of course– now it shall require reading and editing. There will be the filling in of plot holes, the sorting out of continuity problems, a good deal of re-writing and of course the crafting of more effective and beautiful language to tell the story.
I didn’t use half of the characters I’d invented, nor access a good deal of detail that I’d like to incorporate. Now’s the time to go back and sort it all out. Well, soon, anyway.

I miss the frenetic writing writing writing!
Getting back to work in earnest has been a little difficult.

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