another dream

Right. I know it’s bad form to go on about dreams; most people aren’t interested. But it’s my blog and it’s all I’ve got right now anyway. Tired, long long day of computing. (Math and scripts and vectors, oh my!) Skip it if you like, otherwise…

In which brilliant code geekery is usurped by hipster outlaws and a car chase.

Having fallen asleep trying to think of ideas for some flash intro animations, I initially woke today with what seemed a clear, distinct idea of what had been at least two layers of such a thing in my head (having been executed by two others in the dream), and my basic idea of what I would do next– it was more conceptual than visual. I lay there half awake going over these ideas– I could see them–  in what I thought at the time was the language of this realm (waking life, that is), so that I would be able to write them down. The ideas were not necessarily anything I would be able to use, mind– they were just really interesting and I wanted so badly to recall! And now they’ve gone all muddy. In my third round of “snooze”, they were usurped by another thread– a whole different realm in which the dry stuff of code was replaced by danger, intrigue, car chases, even!

The last segment of that one found me in the front passenger seat, with a man in his twenties driving the car as well as humanly possible under excruciating circumstances such as one only sees on the big screen– obstacles; squealing around a jackknifed vehicle in the highway at the last moment, careening along a ridge at speed and finding the only place to go next is down a very steep hill that is slick with rain and mud– you get the idea. While our driver intrepidly took all of this in some stride, there were two other youngsters in the back seat; a young man and woman. I gathered somehow that they had become newly fugitive (even as I suspected the driver to be). The first thing I remember noticing was the brandishing of a large handgun as the girl pulled it out of her lover’s pocket. I took it from her instantly and found it to be exceedingly lightweight, but stashed it away in the glove box nonetheless. (That was prior to the insanity of the ride.)

There’d been whole other segments leading up to the car portion, but they are vague; dissipating in the sun at this point.

And here is what little I can recall of my somnolent geekery:

It began with a collection of four commands, or nodules of a menu– these may have been things set down by me. There was a designer woman who refashioned this grouping into the most minimal possible renditions, and using a sort of sky blue color. So, essentially she’d stripped away all but the most relevant of words for each nodule, leaving a single word in a field of palest blue– very effective and beautiful in its minimal stoicism. When the mouse rolled over any of these– well, I can’t recall. It may have moved onto the next layer in that case– the interpretation of a code guy. His second layer brought some of the complexity back in; on mouse-over, her single word was joined by a more complex grouping of words, revealing more information and pointing in a specific direction.  Oh, this is all sounding so basic– like nothing,  now that I’m writing it down! Whatever it was they did in the dream, it was elegant and perfect! And now it is lost.

Oh well, that’s what I get for dreaming work.

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