remiss at updates

It’s just because I’ve been so busy with work, and nothing else much to write about. I realize I have also been remiss about Emily’s Flat Stanley. Again, haven’t had a chance ot take him out in Brooklyn! (Although I did bring him to DC…)

Another map from a dream:


There was a wedding happening. It was to take place in an old, esteemed church building which had, in later years, ceased to be an official seat of worship or parochial center and been converted into a kind of museum and local historical office. And of course, was available to be rented for occasions.

It was such a grand space– very old and stoney and dramatic, and there was a large organ in the middle that was being played. The church and the smaller building next to it (which framed the ornate wrought-iron gate into the yard) both had been built-out or added to in some ways that gave them that telescoping look from the outside. (This is the second dream of late in which I was omnisciently able to see the shapes of things from above, map-like views. I’ve drawn a map but I think both buildings had at least one more level of telescoping. I also thought that the small office building, just down a little hill, was a mimic of the shapes of the two larger, but upon closer inspection found it to be more chevron in layout, and all glass and wood, very FLWright, stylistically.)

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