holding it~

Update: Heat in apartment fixed, furniture successfully delivered and set up. Alas, the absurdity continues.

This morning, post-pee, a smallish plastic container of lotion fell from wall shelf into still-flushing toilet. Reached intrepidly into nasty freezing bowl to retrieve, but too late– bottle surprisingly disappeared from view! Attempted coat-hanger to retrieve with no luck. Rushed out in pouring rain to hardware store for proper plunger. Result: continued failure and out $7.99 for unhelpful plunger.

Man sent by landlord with bizarre plumber equipment (some sort of vertical snake-in-a-pole with revolving handle), also had no luck. Thirty minutes later: he returned with additional man, much equipment. Currently have toilet on its side, on the floor (after sawing apart amid flying sparks!). Much mess. Water everywhere. Total nightmare.

Also: currently needing to pee again!

Welcome to year 38.

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