On top of the “news” of a potential attack to be perpetrated upon the NYC subway system, along with stepped-up efforts to randomly search bags and parcels therein, there was a dreadful and dangerous *brand new* speech by our f*ing president.
the whole random search maneuver in the subways is idiotic. Anyone who has got explasives with them will obviously be the last person to succumb; and secondly- it is thoroughly unconstitutional. Idiots.
whenever I hear George W. Bush say things like “… and we will never accept anything less than complete victory,” it just scares the crap out of me. Why? Well, two reasons: A) Because when fighting against something as non-specific and nebulous as an idea (eg: “terror”), there is no achieving a clear and total victory!! So that means Infinite War, Guaranteed™. B) When I think about how infuriated I become whenever I hear that man deliver one of his useless, overblown and rhetoric-filled missives, I can only imagine how much it must piss off the many other folks in the world who are not Americans. That’s scary.
:: shudder ::

He makes the point that bin Laden is unwilling to go with his followers, to follow them to the promised paradise (which ostensibly is the destination immediately following successful suicide bombings); But that kinda brings to mind how Bush himself was unwilling to follow his fellow soldiers to war… It brought it to my mind, anyway…

“No act of ours invited the rage of the killers,” he said.
Oh, I don’t know about that… I think the policies of the US in the Middle East over the past several decades (and ongoing) have had quite a lot to do with their feelings toward us; more specifically- toward our government. He may be semantically correct; no single act, but years of acts, both overt and covert, by the US which led to such feelings. That, combined with fundamentalist religious values, (which are also running rampant at home) of course.

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