It is never anything but disturbing to spy vermin in one’s abode; it feels like an intrusion, shaves a bit of the comfort off of one’s comfort zone. Sometimes, makes one’s skin crawl, awakens the heebie-jeebies. Ugh! i just had an unfortunate run-in with the largest cockroach I’ve seen in years, save those night crawler types that you see on the street in this town. And he was lying on his back, legs akimbo, only a few inches from my stove. Bleeaarghh!

This damn bug is no less than 1.75″ long of body , with another 2 or 3″ of antennae. As I cautiously approached with a flat of cardboard (mistakenly presuming him to be not only prone, but also dead), the bugger’s limbs started to twitch and flail (more garbled sounds of disgust from me).

Now, on a quick side note, I have two heavy boxes of mis-printed matter sitting on my kitchen table; 1000 brochures doomed only to be recycled, as I wait for the correctly-printed brochures to be sent. Their presence causes some dismay at the sheer wastefulness, and at poor service on the part of the printers (in this instance) they represent. But! getting back to the uninvited guest causing me even more dismay…

I quickly realized what I must do. I grabbed one of the boxes and swiftly dropped it on top of the wretched thing, hopefully ending its struggle, and most assuredly easing my mind that this land-lubbing crustacean would have no further explorations in my kitchen. (Though I suspected that a beast of that size might come in handy to carry out the recycling, if only it were trainable, surely it wouldn’t be able to lift 8 pounds of paper off its buggy abdomen…)

Eventually, I will have to remove the box and clean up whatever carnage is beneath it. (Yet more sounds of disgust emanate). On a more positive note, however, I finally found a use for those damn brochures.

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