Black ink bleeds into paint; makes the colors more tertiary

I tried a different approach for this first one— paint first, ask questions later. But when later arrived I decided not to go back in with ink at all; I rather like the floaty quality of it, so left it as is.

Above is one I drew earlier in the week out at the beach— the abandoned buildings at the end where Riis turns into the Rockaways. I painted it a few days later, and here, too, a new approach— a desire to be less literal about my use of color, or at least my placement of it. I like how the bleed of the G2 pen worked with the color.

I’m trying to get more lyrical with the use of watercolor- adding water then ‘charging’ the pools with color. It’s harder than it looks, and requires patience to allow areas to dry (I’m not so good a patience with drawing).

2 thoughts on “Black ink bleeds into paint; makes the colors more tertiary”

  1. Yes!! these are so spirited; animated. Especially groovy in the treatment of your subject’s hair. Yes, it only “looks” effortless, but we know better! Now it would be fun to reflect on a recent time when you felt stuck and somewhat unhappy or restless about your work. This new spontaneous looseness was probably trying to bubble up.

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