Angles & Edison bulbs along a midnight stroll

Sketchbook do-dads

sketchbook anthropology

Yesterday was sunnier and milder than forecast. I totaled around ten miles of wandering and walking (the rain did come but only overnight). In the evening met up with a gaggle of friends, some of whom I'd not seen in months. Did some people watching, too, observational sketches. Here's one from last week. George Washington, aka G.… Continue reading sketchbook anthropology

Excerpts from the sketchbook

Some sketches from ‘Papa Day’

S.P. looking quite relaxed after a cozy dinner in his delightful apartment in Manhattan. The metal dachshund sculpture with one of the vintage Chinoiserie lamps; metal dog invoking S.P's Helen, now departed. B. dee-jaying on the laptop; S.P. chillin' And, from a couple nights ago, some additional drawings that landed in the Moleskine book.

Duchy & Vole

This is what happens when I watch Project Runway. Yesterday’s sort of gusting W I N D throws some of the apartment’s weaknesses into high relief; an embarrassing semblance of outdated aluminum-framed windows in the kitchen, and utter lack of insulation in the outhouse—er, bathroom. The place is downright chilly on such days. This time… Continue reading Duchy & Vole