Gingerbread houses

Christmas day was sunny and crisp. In the afternoon the extended family gathers at my cousin's house in a neighborhood filled with lovely houses from the 1920s— steep pitched rooftops, Tudor woodwork, stucco and stone— surrounded by towering old trees and a slim carpet of remaining snow. After dinner a few of us walked around the… Continue reading Gingerbread houses

Saturday’s literary treasures

This afternoon after brunch Jon and I did some cycling around Rochester to some vintage and antique shops and secondhand book shops. Most of this haul was found at Small World Books, a shambling old house on North Street in which every room is walled with books, and several cats reside. We were in there no longer than… Continue reading Saturday’s literary treasures

angles of an attic

A house in the South Wedge, Rochester, NY


Wolf on the wall Impatient for lunch! (Prince, Dad) Saturday wander, back in Bklyn– Vinegar Hill segment (Kim, brother Jon, Anders, Ben)

compass points

I am Upstate, North and West of The City; a bit south of the Great Lake known as Ontario. It has been cold at night, with sunny and brisk daytimes. Having arrived late morning on Monday, I feel as though many days have passed, and yet few. That is the way of being away, and… Continue reading compass points

Random things I remember from 4H

In which Liz explains her involvement in 4H as a youngster, and lists some remembered facts about equines.

images from the past

Some friends, also hailing from Rochester, have been scanning old photos and uploading them to Facebook. These are a few of my younger self. The first on was taken at the Clinton-Washington G station, probably in '89? The other two were taken at Mt Hope Cemetery in Rochester during a summer between years at Pratt,… Continue reading images from the past

tuesday… i think

I'm battered and bruised! Not from the trip, mind. I tripped over a rather large bentwood rocking chair earlier, after contriving a route behind it to adjust the window opening. (It's a recent addition to the apartment so I suppose I'm not used to it being there yet) The TRIP! A whirlwind: Rochester, NY for… Continue reading tuesday… i think