A telegraph from Elysium

I was trying to connect with the horses at turns. But my Night shade was finding them, not the real me— a defensive version, that spooked and scared the horses— So they told me I must find them as myself.

Idylls following a solstice

I went out in the afternoon to say hi to the Dudes. The new horse is still being kept separate until they've all got to be friendly, so he was down in a separate pasture. Seneca and Prince were feeling feisty and joined me in running

Farewell, Red

Here is a portrait I did this week in memory of my horse, Red, whom we lost on Monday. He was 35 this year, and feisty as ever— now running and grazing in the Elysian Fields. I've been planning to write about him this week, but the portrait was a softer catharsis. Instead, I've unearthed what I wrote three summers ago, late one August night at the Farm:

Red in the sun

Prince and Red. His mane is exceedingly long, quite proper for an Arabian (though his face looks mostly Thoroughbred, despite his having only 25% of that breed in his Anglo-Arab genealogy.) Some photos of Red from my trip Upstate to the Farm. He's getting up there– 28 years of age; still the master of the… Continue reading Red in the sun

A horse and a lady in a fine coat

These are both more examples of drawings done from old photographs, although to decidedly different effect than the earlier ones. These were done last night, the first Art Night of the new year.


Wolf on the wall Impatient for lunch! (Prince, Dad) Saturday wander, back in Bklyn– Vinegar Hill segment (Kim, brother Jon, Anders, Ben)

Random things I remember from 4H

In which Liz explains her involvement in 4H as a youngster, and lists some remembered facts about equines.

a ride in the rain

handsome Red Sunday morning; awake at 7:30 and coffee by 8:00 to prepare for a ride in Mendon Ponds Park. It was cool and overcast, with a brilliant fine mist of rain which kept the bugs away. Thursday we met Audrey, latest arrival- Kevin's new niece with long skinny legs and a tendency to splay… Continue reading a ride in the rain