images from the past


Some friends, also hailing from Rochester, have been scanning old photos and uploading them to Facebook. These are a few of my younger self. The first on was taken at the Clinton-Washington G station, probably in ’89? The other two were taken at Mt Hope Cemetery in Rochester during a summer between years at Pratt, in the same year, I assume. Seeing all those old photos makes me nostalgic for 35mm cameras. I still have one, but having no darkroom in which to print takes some of the fun out of things. I always loved the darkroom process, and being in there in the dark, amid rows of enlargers. If you went at night at Pratt, it was usually not to crowded and there was something really calming about it; the fluorescent lights would blind you when you came out, and make you wish they’d leave the lab open all night.

2 thoughts on “images from the past”

  1. Hi Pete!! I know- Facebook really is a time-stealer. I pretty much have ignored it except when someone actually sends me a message on it. If you do it, and upload old Pratt photos, let me know! Hope you’re well and happy!

  2. HEY i remember that Liz Daggar from Clinton-Washington G station. ARG all you Facebookians. I’m am avoiding it because i am curmudgeon-like and figure it’s for 15-year-old girls but the pressure is MOUNTING to join up and have my limited free time sucked away. AND i want to see and upload a bunch of Pratt pics i have of the old crew.

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