Regard me as a Sink

old penmanship on a diary pageHere’s a page from an antique journal or diary of sorts— it’s from an old “Autographs” book that I purchased at the Antiquarian Book Fair last Sunday at the Brooklyn Expo in Greenpoint, and the majority of dates found within are between 1879-1884. It was a sacred collection of sentiments, photographs, and drawings of one Antoinette Reisse from St Louis, MO.

Above is a sentiment written to her by one of her true friends, Ida. The penmanship initially made a confounding mess of this, as it seems to read—

In the golden chaise of friendship,
Regard me as a Sink.

What are you on, Ida? That’s just nonsense!

On closer inspection, it appears Tony used a pencil to correct or clarify poor Ida’s handwriting, so that on balance one can see that it is meant to read—

In the golden chain of friendship,
Regard me as a link.

Ah, yes, much better. That makes sense. For a moment I thought Ida was an early surrealist or dada enthusiast, before such things were named.

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