A little reminder at the end of Summer

...that New York was Nieuw Amsterdam. Alright, it may be a bit of a stretch, but it was the Dutch who sent Mr Hudson in search of a new passage to Asia, but what he jolly well found would become the capital city of New Netherland.

Umbrellas and breakers

Its beaches are among New York City's finest assets in the summer season, and the past weekend included two days delightfully spent where the Atlantic meets the sand at Jacob Riis Park. I spied a couple of cormorants drifting on the water out beyond the crashing waves. They're more commonly spotted lounging in the sun on the jetties of Coney, drying their… Continue reading Umbrellas and breakers

Lengthening shadows of late summer

Each successive month of summer leaves us in its wake faster than the previous— longing for 9:30 sunsets, never quite knowing what time it is for the wanton excess of sunlight. This summer has held some challenges and sad moments, a couple more of which I learned about on Sunday. 2016 has been an unstable year, and  persistently so.… Continue reading Lengthening shadows of late summer

Super fun Snapchat silliness project

As a designer who works in video, I’ve been meaning to get a handle on Snapchat for awhile. Turned out all I needed was a four hour bus ride wherein I was basically trapped and a little bored— and voila! A monster was born.

Cycling and swinging: ways to fly

The other night around 11:15 I texted TL— Wanna ride bikes to the swings at third street? I could do- sketching a song at the moment Maybe at midnight? We could walk too, either way Bikes def. Adult swing on midnight's wing And so we did. Such a joy, and a perfect evening for these endeavors. A couple… Continue reading Cycling and swinging: ways to fly

The impolitic nature of Early Autumn Onset Syndrome (EAOS)

Everyone seems to be out of sorts, or in a state of transition lately. Well, that’ s nothing new— life is flux. No, what I mean is that a number of people I know have been struggling with big question marks, consciously or not. It’s been coming out gradually, as the summer wanes. They hint… Continue reading The impolitic nature of Early Autumn Onset Syndrome (EAOS)

Writing steadies me, as does the farm

Handsome Red Late night at the farm; window open upstairs and a squeaking distant sound of coyotes through the cricket-song. Tig hears them too. They seek the feral cats that live around here (dinner). The new kitten, Piwaket, was one of same; a runt or cast-off, living on her own and scrappy as hell; my… Continue reading Writing steadies me, as does the farm

Part precious metal, part pirate

Approach (on foot) to the lighthouse on Fire Island Had some post-dinner drinks with my friend Sarah last night. She’s in publishing, a fellow reader, so we talk books and exchange suggestions. One she told me about is Night Film by Marisha Pessl. She said it reminded her very much of House of Leaves, which… Continue reading Part precious metal, part pirate

The fleeting nature of dreams and summer

Unintentionally patriotic feet, in tertiary variations on red and blue. A friend recently asked what art I've been working on, and my answer was, sadly, none. I'm feeling a need to do something so I return to the blog—I do enjoy writing. Maybe it will spark something. Independence Day yesterday; a barbecue on a friend’s… Continue reading The fleeting nature of dreams and summer

The longest day of the year has come and gone, but the heat is just getting started.

July already! 2012 is halfway gone. Last week was the first of the summer trips, and a beach week. Sunday at Fort Tilden followed by 4 days in Fire Island with a gaggle of friends. And quite a few ticky deer, poor things. They are bold, though, as evidenced by the above photograph. Since returning the… Continue reading The longest day of the year has come and gone, but the heat is just getting started.