Creepiness! And Fluidity

So, here's another watercolor (and one more below) I did over the weekend that somehow were omitted. Maybe because they’re creepy, and incongruous with my general milieu. Speaking of, the past couple weeks I’ve had an inexplicable ache in my right wing. Mostly only noticeable when at a wrong angle, but still— perplexing. Then Sunday in the hours… Continue reading Creepiness! And Fluidity

Cycling and swinging: ways to fly

The other night around 11:15 I texted TL— Wanna ride bikes to the swings at third street? I could do- sketching a song at the moment Maybe at midnight? We could walk too, either way Bikes def. Adult swing on midnight's wing And so we did. Such a joy, and a perfect evening for these endeavors. A couple… Continue reading Cycling and swinging: ways to fly