Creepiness! And Fluidity

watercolor porttrait (clown-like)So, here’s another watercolor (and one more below) I did over the weekend that somehow were omitted. Maybe because they’re creepy, and incongruous with my general milieu.

Speaking of, the past couple weeks I’ve had an inexplicable ache in my right wing. Mostly only noticeable when at a wrong angle, but still— perplexing. Then Sunday in the hours before and during sleep a cruel ache dawned in my left hip.“On what grounds?!”
creepy Mickey Mouse™

I’ve been of several minds. Barometric? Too much time in front of computer machine? Too little walking? Maybe too little stretching, weights, general movement, as per Winter.

Last night, hip still complaining, I walked two miles for a TV night with Adamson. On my walk back I found myself drawn to the third street swings, long abandoned for inclement weather. But 40º F! I could not ignore.

The aggregate miles of walking plus three songs’ worth of flying on the swing set— joints were feeling fluid, practically singing the way home. Joy of movement!

So, note to self: don’t forget to move! It’s what we’re made for.
(Big brain forgets to be animal)

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