Various and sundry trophies adorned the walls

Day twelve of #Inktober. Various and sundry hunting trophies adorned the walls of the anteroom. The light from the fireplace made them cast shifting, unsettling shadows onto the walls and ceiling. I've added some process pics after the jump, if you're interested.   +   +   + Some snaps of the my process This… Continue reading Various and sundry trophies adorned the walls

These are people observed at bars over several weeks

More from the sketchbook with the paper I'm not keen to work on. The book is finished (enough). Here are the last few that were decent enough to post (even if marginally). Some work with a brush pen here, but those things require a light touch, so I need to work on that.

Hair Lines: test runs in watercolor

Some time back, I began a series of drawings with a project in mind: a coloring book, all about studies of hair. Well, after I'd got three of them inked, I had a few printed on card stock, for test runs. I've been looking forward to doing an hombre on the woman's hair, and I… Continue reading Hair Lines: test runs in watercolor

Some forgotten sketches

Forgive me! I was foiled yet again by a three day weekend and forgot to post yesterday! Here is what ought to've been posted; I thought I had scheduled it. 

Receipts as a substrate for drawing

I was thinking— I must always bring my sketchbook, else I wind up in a situation with only receipts from my wallet as drawing surfaces. (You never know where you may wind up when you've no specific plans beyond 6pm.) But, then— an 'unconventional materials' challenge is probably a good thing; keeps a person sharp. (Be prepared to… Continue reading Receipts as a substrate for drawing

More reals and imaginaries in watercolor

Obervations from the sketchbook

Colors on whimsy: art archive

Some scans from an old sketchbook— whimsy with art markers. (Always with the forks) This one is a drawing of a table i inherited from my grandparents' house. I stripped the top surfaces and painted a black and white harlequin pattern which nicely offset the brown veneer and brass-tipped legs. I had to leave it… Continue reading Colors on whimsy: art archive

I left my sketchbook home, so– index card drawings

Stylizations of the observed: Rochester edition

Some observational do-dads in the sketchbook from my excursion upstate over the Christmas holiday.