The water pipes upstairs froze overnight

It’s double-quilt weather and icy lashes weather as the wind stings saltwater rills from our eyes. Shoulders hunched, we retreat into our hoods like sheltering caves. Convolutions and subtext slip away like shingles from a roof during high winds. Faced with the elemental force of cold, our needs simplify. Just as hunger renders food delicious… Continue reading The water pipes upstairs froze overnight

The crust of snow renders the clear sun blinding

The barn cats, huddled and hungry, have not ventured forth to beg in the dooryard today. The stalwart horses, shaggy in their winter coats and snugged in blankets, have chosen to remain in the shelter of their run-in stalls— those hard-wired grazers who prefer to spend days in search of remaining blades of green beneath… Continue reading The crust of snow renders the clear sun blinding

It snowed just enough to blanket the farm

The trees and shrubs appeared to have sprouted from a vast eiderdown quilt that settled over the viewable acreage overnight. Happy Winter Holidays and snow days for all who enjoy that sort of thing!

A pile of airy bones in an attic room beneath the pitched roof

I want so much to write. I’d like to be still for a day or two; to draw. To draw at a rate more like I was in October— daily. Or nearly so. To have space for things to percolate and bubble to the surface from below. Instead, I’ve been kept moving, pulled in multiple… Continue reading A pile of airy bones in an attic room beneath the pitched roof

The car broke down on a lonely stretch of road

Sorry I missed yesterday's post deadline. Here is one from the archives for December first. Car in Snow.

The afternoon warmed unexpectedly— unseasonably

Day sixteen: The afternoon warmed unexpectedly— unseasonably. He'd removed his accustomed scarf on account of the change; left it coiled like a tie or a snake on the picnic table in the dooryard. There, it warmed in the sun. . See all of my #Inktober drawings @edaggarart or

Looking out upon falling snow in a fierce wind

Looking out upon falling snow in a fierce wind, having read the latest news (that has spoiled my coffee, again—) Gone cold, with my views or once-belief regarding some inherent goodness— A bleak feeling that renders even this brutal, unkind weather beautiful Gentle, by comparison. Each day, what counts as News defiles sense. Escalation, unsustainable (please) Noah's mythical flood Now… Continue reading Looking out upon falling snow in a fierce wind

Idylls following a solstice

I went out in the afternoon to say hi to the Dudes. The new horse is still being kept separate until they've all got to be friendly, so he was down in a separate pasture. Seneca and Prince were feeling feisty and joined me in running

A dense fog enveloped Brooklyn last night

The crunch of gravel underfoot; incline. Sun coming in low and glaring off every harbor-facing pane of the buildings on the other side of the park. Cold. Empty playground today, and no leaves remain on the trees.  I can see the harbor through the naked branches and the shining points of the city beyond neighboring rooftops out… Continue reading A dense fog enveloped Brooklyn last night