the Grotesques

I was at a friend's house the other night who owns one of a series of paintings I did in '05. I haven't done a proper painting in a couple of years, and looking at it, I wondered why. These paintings were all fleshed-out from sketches I'd done in many sketchbooks over the course of a couple… Continue reading the Grotesques

autumn is here.

the air has done its subliminal shift and now summer is gone. it's not just about temperature; it's something to do with the texture. probably relates to hurricane season, the great sweeping northward. my brother has been in town this weekend, and it was his birthday yesterday. Here is a sneak peak at the beginnings… Continue reading autumn is here.


freckled, androgynous Some more drawings. Been doing more drawing than thinking lately, so not much to say (write). What can I scare up on short notice...? Well, the weather has been agreeable- (weather; always a brilliant topic. ::shakes head::) August itself is in its late days which is sad, especially as that brief trip to… Continue reading bang!


Here are some new drawings; have been working with grey markers. The paper is thin and sometimes the markers go through, thus starting the next drawing without your consent.

entry: 03 aug

Day one of Kev's trip south; it is nice to have the house to oneself for a few days. I played the stereo loud all afternoon and did very exciting things like cleaned the stove top (which had begun to resemble a strangely symmetric plot of land adjacent to an active volcano), cleaned my desk… Continue reading entry: 03 aug

Painting (both kinds)

the wall of grotesques previously, the wall of forks Today I was very industrious and finished the wall. I wound up painting the whole damn wall with a 2.5" trim brush, standing on an amp road case to reach the ceiling. Insane! Good exercise though. It took forever, but now the wall is a whole… Continue reading Painting (both kinds)

drip drip

i think it's valla again Walking about in the rain in sunglasses and without umbrella is an example of behavior found perplexing by many. However, one can have the park nearly to oneself on such a day. I've had to put a pot on the floor under the hole where the rain has been coming… Continue reading drip drip


two of the grotesque portraits I had two dreams over the past few days that I now wish I'd written down, if only because I've been having so few that I recall lately. They've been on the boring side to boot. Damn, the air is so clammy here tonight. Had a lovely walk through Prospect… Continue reading reveal

All hoodies $20 less or up!

sketches from a couple nights ago Today I uploaded a bunch of things on eBaY™. Now that the holidays are over, and perhaps due to anticipated tax refunds, folks seem to be bidding on things again. Hope all of it sells. Too much stuff in the apartment, and that's certainly a good way to get… Continue reading All hoodies $20 less or up!