entry: 03 aug

Day one of Kev’s trip south; it is nice to have the house to oneself for a few days. I played the stereo loud all afternoon and did very exciting things like cleaned the stove top (which had begun to resemble a strangely symmetric plot of land adjacent to an active volcano), cleaned my desk (no metamorphic buildup but i am forever dropping cigarette ash on it- distractedly), cleared some closet space, prepped a bunch of art to be mailed…. you know. EXCITEMENT!!!
Ha ha. It is sometimes necessary to really throw oneself into a day of such toils; helps to clear the mind.

Tomorrow night a band called the Jazz Vipers are playing at the Parkside; I’ll head over there. They are apparently ass-kicking old school jazz from N’Orleans. Last evening Kat and Anders and I sorted the days for our U.K. trip, which has been shortened to ten days. As a result Ireland shall have to wait ’til another trip, which is just as well. It’s no good having only 2-3 days per city. (Note to self: must check flights to Heathrow this week)

Hmmm. oh yes! Patron Saint of Hoodies is complete. See below.

Patron Saint of Hoodies

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