Painting (both kinds)

the wall of grotesques

previously, the wall of forks

Today I was very industrious and finished the wall. I wound up painting the whole damn wall with a 2.5″ trim brush, standing on an amp road case to reach the ceiling. Insane! Good exercise though. It took forever, but now the wall is a whole new place, as you can see from the photos above. The forks will reemerge at some point I’m sure, but only after a good cleaning and probably not ’til we get a new (hopefully larger?) apartment. Who knows when that will be…

p.s. I have (due to several requests) made new images clickable so they can be seen at a larger size. Enjoy.

* * *

The window adjacent to my desk is open slightly, and the breeze coming in is causing goosebumps on my arms. It is nearly ten o’clock, and I didn’t wind up taking Tara Lynne to the Met today; maybe next saturday; we could go with Kelley. I’m looking forward to Kelley’s visit and hearing about her adventures abroad.
This Blogger™ interface allows for changing the date and time of a post. It temps me to write a missive from the future…

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