Pop Band?

Well this is an odd request. Will any pop band do? It seems that buying the ticket would be far less hassle than dragging a pop band with you. Unless they were fun…

So that was tacked up in the cagey area of queuing to ride the Cyclone at Coney. The Curious Miss K and I went friday night and arrived in time to see (and hear) a somewhat repetitive but impressive (and loud) fireworks display, set off from the beach. We were amongst the folks who chose to sit and watch from the beach, rather than from the boardwalk, which was more crowded. Anyway, we stayed on for a second ride of the great coaster, but it loses some of the potency if you haven’t waited in line beforehand. As with so many things in life, anticipation adds greatly to the overall experience.

the ‘works dwarf the distant cyclone and wonderwheel

this one looks highly suspicious

* disco! *

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