From the Whitney to Coney: art

My brother and I, expecting rain Friday, planned a trip to the Whitney followed by a wander up the High Line. Naturally once we got to the city, the weather had become hot and sunny. It was a good plan anyway, as neither of us had been to the new Whitney, and we saw the… Continue reading From the Whitney to Coney: art

an afternoon in Coney

Two Fridays ago, Kim and I trained out to Coney. It was her birthday, and though we got a late start due to other obligations, had a fantastic few hours on the beach; A perfect swimming day. When we came out of the subway station, we were delighted to see a most amazing and wonderful… Continue reading an afternoon in Coney

How can these be real?

Here are two stills from some video I shot at the New York Aquarium on Friday afternoon. Though I've been to Coney Island many, many times, I'd never gone to the Aquarium before. Small though it may be, it was a delightful place to visit (not least because of the great blubbering walruses which we… Continue reading How can these be real?

Pop Band?

Well this is an odd request. Will any pop band do? It seems that buying the ticket would be far less hassle than dragging a pop band with you. Unless they were fun... So that was tacked up in the cagey area of queuing to ride the Cyclone at Coney. The Curious Miss K and… Continue reading Pop Band?