two of the grotesque portraits

I had two dreams over the past few days that I now wish I’d written down, if only because I’ve been having so few that I recall lately. They’ve been on the boring side to boot.

Damn, the air is so clammy here tonight.
Had a lovely walk through Prospect Park early this evening (pre-clammy, still sunny)- there were so many people, everywhere- insanity. Thanks to the ‘pod, however, it was serene, if surreal. (Sunset Coming On is best listened to out of doors, especially when the sunset is, in fact, coming on...)

I’ve been experimenting with music (if that’s what it should be called) the past few days, as I have been feeling taunted by and fearful of the current grotesque painting. I even went so far as to put them out there in the ether on the dreaded (see link entitled quirky little tunes). [Edit: this is no longer true. I find that site irritating and it was just a whim anyway, so i’ve deleted that page.]

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