Art in the Time of Coronavirus

Portion of a talisman design featuring a drawing of the With-Boy, masked and carrying 70% isopropyl alcohol

I had imagined so much extra time to do things like write and draw, now I’m working from home and staying in my house 97% of the time. It hasn’t really been the case. I’m still working, and more hours than before. The 8-10 hours in front of the computer leave me tired— it’s a combination of the work and the general stress level.

I miss reading on the subway. I’ve not read much at all since work-from-home began. But I’m going to start a new book today: Crossing to Safety, by Wallace Stegner. It was a recommendation from a friend.

I did start a new piece of art last Sunday evening, based on a prompt from a friend. She had designed a sort of Medieval talisman as a kind of art protection against the virus. Hers featured a black plague doctor, complete with the beak-like masks of those times and large gloves. She urged me to design one as well.

So I started this on Sunday last, and completed it Tuesday night. The ‘Hand of Fatima’ in this case is comprised of two latex gloves with a protective eye. The corona virus is being pierced with a daggar.

+ + +

Emblazoned across the top, from Italy: “Tutto Andrà Bene”— everything will be okay. And across the bottom, in Latin: Confugite. Abscondimini. Estote Securi.— Take refuge. Hide. Be Safe. The originals that I sent to a lot of friends had incorrect Google translate Latin, but it has been corrected by a friend of a friend who is fluent.

DOWNLOAD THE ART! and share: I’m sharing three versions of the design! Tap the thumbnails below for full-size versions— Post or use as a lock-screen. 

If you post, please tag me @edaggarart

  1. 4:5 IG post aspect ratio; 2. 9:16 IG/FB story and older iPhones aspect ratio 3. iPhone X+ ratio (taller and thinner)

I hope you enjoy this Brooklyn-based Witch-Boy protection charm; may he look after us all. What do you think? Do you find him creepy or comforting— or both? 

Wishing everyone continued or restored health. I’ll try to post more, and hopefully with more art very soon.

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