Art in the Time of Coronavirus

I had imagined so much extra time to do things like write and draw, now I'm working from home and staying in my house 97% of the time. It hasn't really been the case. I'm still working, and more hours than before. The 8-10 hours in front of the computer leave me tired— it's a… Continue reading Art in the Time of Coronavirus

Time Travel: Girona

Weeks after the adventure,I return to Girona,Walled medieval citywith all the ease ofmodernity And blue skies,sangria in a gentle square,and a pocket deviceso I can time-travel See the ancient stones,feel the cobbles underfoot,Study shadows andfind secrets that I missedthe first time.

Down the street from the Prancing Pony

Art archive today! Here are some quaint little buildings I was commissioned to illustrate a number of years ago for a scene in a video game. I believe the project ran out of funding, which was too bad, as I enjoyed working on it.

castle and kirk

Drawings from last night (world's first flying buttress sneaked its way into that medieval castle.) Today I take the map to Long Island City to be scanned! * kirk being church in Scottish– or, if you're in Amsterdam– de Oude Kerk (specifically old).

inspiring imagery

The top two images were things found via Google image whilst searching for the Two Knights upon One Horse Masonic Seal (in addition to finding several examples of the seal in question, not represented here at all, in fact). The drawing of the knight falling off the horse is fantastic, and I wish I'd noted… Continue reading inspiring imagery