inspiring imagery



The top two images were things found via Google image whilst searching for the Two Knights upon One Horse Masonic Seal (in addition to finding several examples of the seal in question, not represented here at all, in fact). The drawing of the knight falling off the horse is fantastic, and I wish I’d noted what it was or where it came from at the time. Tried finding it by accident again, to no avail. The latter was listed as a Masonic coat of arms, but if anything it looks more Rosicrucian to me (Knights of the Rose Cross).

The bottom photograph is a little sketch I did ages ago; I was watching “Gladiator” (which happened to come out while I was in my reading-everything-about-ancient-Rome phase) and the coliseum in the African scene was covered with these beautiful red swallow-tailed flags. This drawing was done on a post-it note.

In other news, I’ve been waking up with loads and loads of scattered dreams in my head, some feeling so portentious, but since I’ve not been rushing straight to begin writing (and thereby recalling) them, all lost. Oh well. Ephemera, ephemera.

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