Reclaiming some sense of control

Digital ink drawing of an old house and trees
A house on Jones Street in Savannah

The past few days I’ve finally begun sinking hours of time into acts of creation (outside of my design work—I’m still working full time hours via telecommuting, for which I’m incredibly grateful).

Despite my plentiful physical art supplies that have accrued over years —like my watercolors which have been sitting out at the ready, for weeks but only used once so far— it’s the iPad that has drawn me in. Maybe it’s the immediacy of it, the ease of being able to duck in and out of a piece spontaneously, that’s made it my medium of choice this past week.

Digital ink drawing of a weathervane on top of a round tower, part of a sandstone building in Edinburgh
Weathervane in Edinburgh

Whatever it is, I’ve found myself spending hour upon hour, zoomed in and getting lost in details. As I wrote when posting one of these on instagram, I believe it’s the sense of control that has drawn me to this obsessive practice.

So I was up until 2am working on this lonely tower. I just get all zoomed in and I can’t seem to stop w the textures and lines and teasing out details. I think it has to do with the utter lack of control we have in this battle against the deadly invisible. The void that is yawning around every grocery aisle or on every doorknob.

So, finding a sense of control where we may is a kind of balm. Like how washing ones hands for so long and so bloody frequently began as an annoyance and has become our (perhaps) life-saving, lung-sparing mantra.

Digital ink drawing of the juncture of two buildings in Brugge, with the restaurant's sign "Diligence"
At the sign of the restaurant, Diligence, in Brugge
Digital ink drawing of two worried-looking cheese knight horses in a black void
Chess horses

These two chess horses with sorry looks on their gentle faces is the exception to the fiddly inked lines this week.

What have you found yourself doing differently since all this began? Since lockdown and stay-at-home started? Is there anything in particular that’s helping you cope?

4 thoughts on “Reclaiming some sense of control”

    1. Thank you for reading, and It’s nice to hear I was able to inspire! And don’t think of it as a junk journal— how about eclectic? 🙂 Or is a ‘junk journal’ a thing, and I just don’t know about it?

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