flooded window well

ECU of terrain-in-progress in the Autumnal Corridor

Dark and rain. I awoke to find a puddle had formed on the window ledge during the night; another day of gloom in this wettest of Springtimes! A couple of things had to be thrown away. I’ve been listening to Harry & the Potters– laugh, but they’re actually quite good. Fun listening, some of it vaguely reminiscent of Jonathan Richman.

They tell us summer is on the way, and Spring is meant to be the time of the rain, so I am patient*. Last week at some point I’d gotten my little studio here into some semblance of organized, but now it is in shambles again, and I just can’t be bothered by it. Despite the continued bleed of water onto the sill, I have only closed the window partway. (I cleared it of things, and what’s a little water, anyway?)

*until next Friday morning.

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