1 : a useless ornament or accessory : trifle
2 : nonsense

(I’m adding that as a new category – and tag!– just for fun.)
First things first: looping, endless, interesting dreams came on Sunday morning– the kind that drove me to type them out upon waking as there was oto much to otherwise recall. Won’t bore with the details here, but a summary:

In which a murderous device lies hidden among benign amusements, and baseball and religious zealots endure overlapping pilgrimages– all at a seaside resort in New Jersey.

Thereafter, we had one of those sprawling days with the Sunday Times strewn on the floor. We’d intended a wander, but alas– rain. After reading for awhile, I did some sketches; inspiration drawn from a couple of photographs from the glossies (intended to make me buy things, not draw things), Here they are:

(Belle de Nuit; style spreads) I left her with one eye empty…

(Charles P Rogers Bed advert)
This one looks to be the final in the Venice/Viking progression. Those seafaring stripes have found their way into a most domestic setting!

2 thoughts on “folderol!”

  1. thank you for introducing me to a word I didn’t know. You are rocking with the drawings the viking world has transformed in such unique ways they look great!

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