Have you heard of Urban Sketchers?

urban sketch, Lavender LakeAbove: Sketch of the wee truck-turned-garden on the Gowanus Canal. The pencilling is decent, but I rather cocked it up with the paint and markers, as you can see below. It has put in stark relief my lack of experience with using color in outdoor environments; sunshine and flora.

Last week I stumbled upon Urban Sketchers, a sort of global consortium of like-minded individuals who draw from life, primarily in the streets. They aim to finish each piece in situ. I plan to take up the challenge more seriously, and with more care, having seen some of the brilliant work done by other sketchbook artists. I’ve joined up with the NYC chapter; a new art community.

Speaking of— Friday I began a new sketchbook. It has very thin paper, and not so good for taking marker and watercolor. I’ll do my best to blast through this one at rapid fire. It will be good for me in the way of not allowing me to get too precious, which is bad for experimenting, improving, so the timing is good—a push to make the most of it. As we all know, good art needn’t require the best materials.

urban sketch: G trainHere’s a sketch done on the subway. This one came out alright with color. I was more strategic with my use of color, and this one is more in my usual line of sketching: people, mostly.
urban sketch: G train in color20170604_003

1 thought on “Have you heard of Urban Sketchers?”

  1. Yeah, Urban Sketchers! There’s a great book on it: The Art of Urban Sketching by Gabriel Campanario, 2012. If you haven’t seen it, prepare to faint when you do. I’ll look forward to seeing what you sketch.

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