A find— and a dilemma

This table may find its way to being my new coffee table. My brother and I came across it Sunday night walking home after dinner. As evidenced from the photos it needs some work— to be stripped, sanded, and re-stained. Also, it’s too tall, so the legs will have to be sawed off (as I did to my current coffee table).
002 The top lifts off, and its obverse is lined with felt. As you can see from what lies beneath, it is a gaming table. Two dice cups and a folding cribbage board were on the inside which is also lined with felt. On either side: slide-out drink rests, to keep condensation off the felt. Really nice details.
A couple of potential problems: 1. It may be a little too large (about 4″-5″ wider than current table), and 2. It lacks the shelf underneath that the current table has, so where will my boxes of photographs live— and the wireless keyboard I use when watching movies or want to adjust volume?

Also of concern: my coffee table always has all sorts of things on it, so how often will the top of this new one come off? Perhaps only when we have a game of Euchre or French Tarot, but it’s a nice idea. I’m torn. I may just refinish it and sell it, or see if anyone I know wants it as-is.

Current coffee table with map of Rome
Current coffee table with map of Rome under resin

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