Art Archive : photo collages

Photo collage: Serial Fish 1Here are some photo collages I did in 2000-2001. Three of these feature my old pond comet, the mighty Serial Fish, frolicking amongst my belongings, and swimming through the cathedral of floating forks.

Photo collage: Serial 2

Photo collage: Serial 3Serial was a rescue fish in the sense that I bought him out of the tank of feeder fish. I had him for ten years and he grew to be nearly a foot long. He got his name because he killed several other fishes in his tank when he was still very small. He is buried at the Farm.

The two below are just collages of objects and textures. Mood pieces, lighting pieces. I kind of miss doing things like this.Photo collage:  Fish bonesPhoto collage: Baby headFollow this blog or come back soon for the next installment from the Archive! (I’ve not arrived at a schedule yet, per se, but will be posting more works from the past frequently.)

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