A Sunday afternoon with archives

As my travel plans have been postponed briefly, I’ve been going through some old backup DVDs in service to filling some holes in my ART ARCHIVE. It’s an unwieldy thing, a work in progress.

The optical drive will likely go the way of cassette players and VCRs, so better to get this shit consolidated. I’ll be posting old pieces with some regularity in the Archive category, so check back soon or better yet, follow this blog.

I used to do a lot of conceptual nonsense with HTML, and I’ve resurrected a couple today. The first: this web screen that appeared after clicking an image of a scanned guest check (to see the reverse): reverse And the second— behold:

the Knickknacktionary!

Pure nonsense; words and images. The “definitions” therein originated one week at Rehoboth Beach where a bunch of us played “Scrabble With the Lid Off” in the evenings. The idea is that if you can’t make a proper word, invent one and use it in a sentence. If it was deemed passable (or funny), we’d allow it. Check it out here.

NOTE: Close each pop-up before clicking a new image. Also: not all images are links.

Coming soon— some photo collages , comics and other nonsense from early 200s.

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